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From: Puer Amore
Subject: Forgive me Jody...(PT IV)Forgive me, Jody (PT IV)
pueresamoyahoo.comDisclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or
places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly
more than coincidence.Copyright 2006 Barry. All Rights Reserved.
We preteen video movie continued to lie there, naked for each other and locked in our eye
contact.I was slowly running my fingers through his hair and then tracing the tips
of the fingers of my right hand slowly, lightly, across his breasts,
nipples, and his torso, stopping at his abdomen just before reaching his
dick and balls.I love your touch, Barry. Jody said, as he continued his irresistible eye
contact. It's like a feather.He continued;I knew it would be this way; gentle and loving...respecting me. You're
proving all of my fantasies correct.Jody, I responded, you are engendering in me a level of passion I've never
felt. It's more than physical attraction; it's a desire to pour russian photos preteen myself into
you.You did that a little while ago, and I was honored to take you into me. I
hope it meant as much to you, Barry. Jody proclaimed.It did, Jody. More than you can imagine. I assured him.Taking you into me was equally a delight and a profound wonder. I added.Really? He asked.Yes, sweetheart, Really! I insisted. You are a pure delight, Jody. I love
you more each minute.Not many people would agree with you about that. He retorted.Really? I asked.Naw, not even Mom and Dad. He suggested.Why do you say that? I asked.I'm just a big pain in the ass. He stated.I see. I said.Sweetheart, I began, all parents, at times, find their kids to be a pain in
the ass. Indeed, sometimes, kids are a pain in the ass. It doesn't mean
they stop loving you though.Jody replied;Mom once told me if she'd known what a pain in the ass I would turn out to
be, she'd have had me aborted.His eyes began to well up.My God, sweetheart, I can't imagine why she would say such a horrible
thing. I'm sure she didn't mean it. That's a horrible thing for a mother to
tell a son. She must have just been angry or something. I suggested.Tears began to run down his cheeks.I kissed them away.Not at all, he replied, she wasn't angry at all, at the time. I think she
meant to send me a signal as to where I really stand with her.Perhaps it's related to the trouble you've had at school recently. I
suggested.She told you about that, huh? He asked.No, she didn't tell me any details, just that you had been in trouble. I
explained.Well, it was just a fight, thanks to Gary, preteens in beach
as usual. He said.You and Gary fought at school? I asked.Gary doesn't go to school. No, Gary gave one of my old Carney posters to a
classmate of mine who showed it around school...There I was in my pastie,
holding Ganymede's pitcher on my shoulder and with a lamb at my side. He
did it just to piss me off. It worked. Jody explained.If I had your body, sweet Jody, I'd never be embarrassed to show it off.Oh, I wasn't embarrassed. I'm proud of my physique. I was pissed. So, when
my classmates began laughing at me and calling me Ganymede and all that, I
lost it.Of course if they knew anything about Ganymede, they'd realize that it was
quite a compliment to be called by his name. Jody instructed.Anyway, next thing I knew, I had a three day suspension.My reward for that was a session with the extension cord. He concluded.How awful! I asserted.Well, you can play Ganymede for me anytime, Jody. He is an icon in
mythology. You're becoming an icon to me. You're as special to me as
Ganymede was ever special erotica preteen gallery
to the Greeks. I may start thinking of you as my
own personal Ganymede. I proclaimed.I love you, Barry. I knew I would. I've waited two years for this. He
reminded me.Well, you're here with me now. You're safe here. No one will hurt you while
you're with me. I promise. I assured him.Then, I never want to leave you, Barry. I don't want to go back to school
or home to my Mom and Dad. Please, let me stay here.It's not that simple, sweetheart. I said. Technically, preteen sites models you're old enough to
drop out of school if your parents allow it. At 17, in Texas, you can do,
pretty much, anything you can do at 18. So, you could pack your bags and
leave home.But that would seem such a shame, sweetheart. I suggested.Your education is extremely important. I insisted.They'll be throwing me out soon anyway. He replied. Mom only put me there
as a free baby-sitting service. She knows I can't graduate.Why can't you graduate? I inquired.Gary and I are both what people refer to as Functional Illiterates. Neither
of us can read nor write. He explained.Oh my! I replied.Carneys are not exactly institutions of higher learning, you know. They
assume you're there for life, so you don't need anything beyond what they
provide. It's virtually impossible for a lifer to transition into the real
world. He explained.But, Jody, you have such an preteen old 13 excellent command of the language and a boylove preteen incest great
vocabulary. I don't understand. I puzzled.Thanks to my Dad. He responded.He taught you? I daily preteen galleries askedBest he could. Jody replied. He constantly got me to listen to audio books
and to watch instructional video tapes while we were preteen nude pagents on the road between
gigs. It was me trying to write stuff I'd seen on those tapes, that we
discovered I have dyslexia.You have dyslexia, sweetheart? I asked.I do, I guess. That's what they tell me anyway. He said.Have you actually been tested for it? I asked.No. He replied...but I write my "R"s backwards and I transpose letters in
certain boylove preteen incest words, so I guess it's dyslexia. That's what Mom says. preteen photo blogs She says
it's genetic; she has it too, only worse.Maybe I can help, or get you professional help, sweetheart. Careers and
good jobs are not likely to come your way if you can't read or write. I
said.Barry, I'm nearly 17, I can't read at a 2nd grade kevel. How could I ever
catch up? He asked.Well, sweetheart, I must admit, you've hit me with something I know nothing
about. Still, I'll look into it. What do we have to lose? OK? I suggested.Sure. He said.In the meantime, let's go get some lunch. I want to introduce you to my
friends, Trey and Michael. They're trying to get a new restaurant off the
ground. I try to frequent the place as often as I can.Then, I want to take you over to Dad's and Lad's and get you some new
"duds" as you put it. I said with a smile.I love you, Barry! He exclaimed, as he threw his arms around my neck and
hugged me tightly.That means more to me than you can ever imagine, sweet Jody. It really
does. I insisted.I love you too, Jody. I declared.As far as staying with me, permanently, goes, let's give it till your
birthday and see if we can work things out with your Mom and Dad to make
your life more normal. If you still feel the same way, after your birthday,
then, we'll see what we can do. I advised.You'd certainly be welcome here, sweetheart, I continued, by then I'll be
in love with you head over heels, I'm sure. Still, let's see if there's
anyway to make things better for you at home, at least in the meantime. I
think your folks love you.In there own way, they do. Jody replied. But I've been dreaming of you,
Barry, for two years. Now, my dreams have come true. Here I am, lying with
you, in love with you. I don't want it to ever end. Please! He declared.I feel the same, Jody. I want you here, where I can love you and protect
you. We'll think of something. A few more days won't preteen nude sex
matter. If we get your
folks pissed over this, they can make the next three months, till your
birthday, miserable for you. I instructed.Don't panic, Don't smooth preteen
worry. We'll figure something out. OK? I asked.OK, Barry. I trust you. I love you, like I never loved anyone before. Jody
insisted.Let's get some lunch! I exclaimed.Jody smiled at me and nodded.

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Preteen old 13
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